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L'AGEFI - European Investors Day Frankfurt

Le 10 décembre 2019

Whether or not Brexit actually happens, the financial sector on the Continent is already engaged in a process of transition: quite simply because it knows that it will have to draw on its own resources to overcome its current difficulties in order to assert itself, once again, on the world stage.

And once again, as soon as it involves thinking and building the future Europe, Germany and France stand shoulder to shoulder, partners and rivals at the same time, in a dialogue that is ripe to be extended to their most trusted European partners.

True to its tradition and convictions, L’Agefi wants to facilitate this debate.

On 10 December 2019, in Frankfurt, it will organise its second European Investors Day (EID): the aim of this event, inaugurated in June in Brussels, is to involve all of those that want to build a true investment and finance industry in Europe, and to sketch out a vision for the future of such an industry.

Around a few simple questions:

  • What monetary policy around what consensus?
  • Can a relaunch of European integration take on a physical sense, around a strong impetus for renewing infrastructures on the Continent, including, of course, the now core issue of the fight against global warming in each of its countless dimensions?
  • And what role can European financial stakeholders, from institutional investors to portfolio management companies, including regulators, politicians, banks and insurance companies, play to contribute to the common goal?

Obviously, the choice of Frankfurt, by a French media, in the wake of the crucial European elections is by no means a coincidence; it reflects our strong belief that the Franco-German dialogue can once again crystallize ideas currently circulating in Europe. “Can the Paris-Frankfurt axis assert itself in the field of sustainable finance?” is, in our opinion, one of those questions that need to be answered to help the financial sector on the Continent become fully aware of its possibilities.

In 2019, during which L’Agefi has already launched a new English-language, European-oriented media, namely Asset News,the EID in Frankfurt on 10 December seemed to us to be the best way of participating in the emergence of a finance and investment union for which European professionals are calling. 

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