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Press release : Major new pan-European initiative launched to share information among institutional asset owners

Le 5 décembre 2019

Major new pan-European initiative launched to share information among institutional asset owners

Project Louvre programme will allow the sharing of asset allocation information between major institutional investors – combining the insights of investor associations in 17 countries.

Copenhagen, 5 December 2019

A major new research initiative has been launched to provide a platform for European institutional asset owners to share intelligence and insights on asset allocation activity and expected future investment intentions.

Project Louvre will gather intelligence on the asset allocations of institutional investor members (including pension funds, insurers and sovereign wealth funds) of professional associations in 17 European countries.

The research programme will be chaired by Jean-François Boulier, President of AF2i, the French Association of Institutional Investors representing 82 institutional investors, managing more than €2.4 trillion in assets. AF2i has produced an annual survey on the asset allocation of its members since 2003.

European asset owner associations in multiple countries have already been invited to participate in the first research. This will provide member associations with access to combined insights covering allocations as at 2019 year-end – and providing a new breadth of insight into allocations as member associations enter the 2020s.

INSTICUBE, a leading independent data platform through which asset owners share intelligence on the value and service received from asset managers they employ, will coordinate the project.

The new initiative will see investment industry associations submit combined data on their members’ current and expected future asset allocation annually within a standardised format. INSTICUBE will collect and process the data from the 17 European associations, generating reports and analytics that will be made available to all participating industry associations and their underlying members.

As a result of this new initiative, institutional asset owners within major European markets will be able to access insights into the current and expected future asset allocation choices of similar investors in other countries, allowing them to benchmark their own investment activity.

Jean-François Boulier, President of AF2i and Chairman of the Project Louvre programme, said: “In an increasingly complex and challenging market environment, the ability for institutional asset owners to compare and benchmark themselves against their peers is hugely valuable. Working with leading investment associations across Europe, we believe the Project Louvre programme provides a unique platform for collaboration and intelligence sharing, ultimately benefitting asset owners and their underlying stakeholders.”

Tim Brown, Head of Key Relationships at INSTICUBE, added: “By standardising and coordinating asset allocation information for the first time, institutional asset owners will be able to understand the investment choices being made by their peers in different countries, providing a basis for intelligent and more informed decision-making.”


For more information, please contact:

Jean-François BOULIER
Project Louvre 

Tim Brown
Project Louvre

Chloé Choquin
Project Louvre


Notes to editors:

About Project Louvre:

Project Louvre is a pan-European research programme in which associations representing European institutional asset owners share intelligence about institutional asset allocation activity in their respective countries, and on expected future investment intentions. Via a standardised format, using agreed Project Louvre templates, associations representing institutional asset owners from 17 European countries submit combined data on their members’ current and expected future asset allocations once a year. Data is collated by INSTICUBE and made available to all participating associations and, through them, their members. Project Louvre is chaired by Jean-François Boulier, President of AF2i.


The French Association of Institutional Investors (AF2I):

AF2I is the French Association of Institutional Investors, created in 2002 to gather and represent the different families of institutional investors (insurance companies and mutual insurance providers, foundations, associations, corporates, sovereign funds (Caisse des Dépôts Group, FRR, etc.)), to promote institutional investment best practices, train members and represent its members’ interests in France and in Europe. Each year, Af2i publishes a survey on French institutional asset allocation and how the sector’s needs have changed.

The French Association of Institutional Investors represents most of the French institutional market and brings together members with different profiles:

  • 82 major institutional investors, companies and institutions, managing more than €2.4 trillion in assets,
  • 99 associate members, including asset management companies, custodians, banks, brokers, consultants, index providers and rating agencies.


INSTICUBE is an independent data platform providing insight and intelligence to asset owners and managers on the services and value being delivered by asset managers to institutional investors across all asset classes. Based in Munich, Germany, and with offices in London, INSTICUBE provides information to institutional investors and asset managers operating in the UK and Europe. Nearly 700 European asset owners representing assets of €2.5trn have already completed more than 17,000 reports on nearly 500 asset managers they employ. These managers are now able to access assessments on the quality of service and value they deliver. 


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